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Tarot as a Communication Tool

I just wanted to write a little about a recent experience with Tarot as a communication tool. My boyfriend and I have an amazing relationship, that was built from the beginning of our friendship on a strong foundation of honest and open communication. Life has thrown us some choppy waters lately and we both have fallen into a state of withdrawing into ourselves and not communicating as well or as honestly as we should or are used to. We both have had our own issues to deal with and we have gone into a phase of just dealing with them alone and silently instead of leaning on each other like we always have.

So, with some concern and in an effort to find some solutions to our widening gap, I asked for a reading on the AT forum just to get some direction and ideas about how to turn things around for both of us. The reading was very accurate and gave me a chance to really examine how I was feeling and the position I was taking, as well as understanding my BF better, too. Still though, I was hesitant to bring it up with him for fear of putting him on the defensive or hurting him in anyway. Keep in mind, the reading was not negative, but did bring up some sensitive areas that were at the root of both of our individual issues, as well as where the gap in communication and closeness was coming from.

After mulling it over for awhile I had decided to mention it to him, and we talked about it very briefly, just the basics of the reading, but not really in-depth about the messages in it. Part of the reason we didn't get into it deeply is that we had friends on their way over for a visit and it just wasn't the right time. I ended up reading for our friends and having a really nice time doing so. After they left he asked for me to read for him as well. Not surprisingly, many of the same cards came out in his reading that had come out in the reading I had asked for earlier in the day.

This opened a line of communication for us that we really needed to talk about the issues and how we were really feeling in a very non-threatening way. For both of us, it helped us focus our thoughts and feelings in a way that we could communicate them without hurting the other. It also helped us take an honest look at our own part in the whole situation. And, it gave us things to think about as far as possible solutions to our own issues, and issues as a couple.

I considered today how refreshing it was to have a tool to work with to get issues out in the open and get us to look at them in fresh light without all the filters and preconceived notions we tend to apply to everything that comes our way. I love that the more I explore this wonderful thing called Tarot, the more I find that it is a useful and valuable tool for every area of our lives!

I hope many of you experience the same broadening of your horizons as you explore Tarot!

10:33 PM

Chakra Reading #1

Note: Reading, feedback.

1. Root-7 of Swords

You are possibly facing problems in the area of this chakra (finances, career, possessions, safety, survival) but the more serious issue is that you have not fully thought out your solution to the problem. Rash decisions and actions can be as dangerous as the problem itself. Think through your options, develop a well formulated plan, weigh all the possibilities, and only then, take action to resolve the issue.

YES. I've been trying to think of different ways when going about something.I already made a few rash decisions but didn't follow through with them. Nothing major though. I'm going in various directions and confused about which way to go. So I go anywhere... well, maybe not anywhere. Will try to remember that.

2. Sacral-Knight of Cups

In the area of emotions which this chakra is the source of, you are romantic and idealistic. You are more ready to celebrate the victory than to ride out for battle. Your romanticism probably makes you loathe confrontation and conflict, though. Remember to be realistic with your feelings and emotions, and don’t spend so much time in your idealized world that you forget the realities of your emotions. This is also the seat of sexual passion, and you are probably a very passionate lover.

Well, I don't just want anyone, you have to be THE ONE. And yes... when it comes to that I am all up in my head as well as my heart because no one compares to this vision I have. It's not so much that I loathe confrontation and conflict, it's when things are going good and someone has to turn around and become a psycho that I don't need to deal with. Drama.... just is not for me, no. I like to bite a lip from time to time. haha

3. Solar Plexus-King of Wands

This chakra is related to your ego, sense of power and self esteem, as well as being your immune system and protector, physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychically. The King of Wands shows you being a fiery, passionate person who believes deeply in themselves and their ideals and beliefs. Wildly creative, you move forward with your projects and ideas, sometimes insensitively to others’ needs. Your own sense of self is strong and at times you become impatient with people who don’t share your sense of personal empowerment.

I do believe so deeply in myself, I'm very serious about all the "strange" things that I may bring up to others. I know it's true, so it's true! and they better believe me. haha I'm creative in many different ways, yes.... Photography, dancing, Singing, playing Piano, Writing..... list goes on. I can be insensitive to others yes, but it's never on purpose. I'm very impatient.... I was complaining the other night that I delete people if they answer me with one word...... where's the brain at?! where's ..........the brain?! lol

4. Heart-King of Cups

The heart chakra deals with our sense of love and how we relate to those around us. You again have a very strong card here showing a great deal of compassion and empathy for those in need or pain. You are very good at offering counseling and healing to those around you, yet many times you won’t accept the same in return. This King balances the King of Wands in your Solar Plexus by allowing you to feel that empathy that the Solar Plexus may not recognize in the heat of the passionate pursuit of goals and dreams.

I went through an extremely long period where my focus was on helping people. I still do at times and always with business. The Empathy runs so deep that I will start to feel them from far away. It upsets me sometimes because I have not learned how to control it. I will be happy and calm and the next minute crying and deeply sad for no reason and I know it's not me. A lot of family, friends and people I don't know come to me for advice on a daily basis. I don't really like to show my emotions or tell people when I am having problems. If I do, it's so few and far between. I feel I should deal with things on my own.

5. Throat-Empress

In this seat of communication of Truth to others and yourself, you show again a strong personality card. Your communication with others is often guided by passion and creativity. You share with others nurturing messages that promote birth and growth of creative energy and expression. Your communication tends to be very emotional in nature and full of love for the most part, but be careful that there is a balance of honesty and truth with that love and nurturing, as love without boundaries or honesty becomes obsessive and disharmonious.

My communication is guided by a lot of passion. I am very passionate about the topics that I may speak of. I live this. haha I am always sharing those types of messages yes, I get sad when I see someone down and I must let them know that the sun will shine again. You're telling me? lol That happened a couple times with friends. I didn't set boundaries and they kept sucking me dry. Wanting more and more and more....

6. Third Eye-10 of Cups

The third eye chakra governs our intuition, creativity and is associated with clairvoyance. A card of completion, fulfillment and contentment, you have opened yourself up to your intuition and creativity and have found in exploring these parts of yourself a sense of contentment and fulfillment. However, be careful not to become complacent. There is always more to explore, more to learn, room to grow. This area of your life is one that brings you much joy because you have respected and honored it, but don’t stop those behaviors now that you are finding contentment.

I have found that. I love my path more than anything I have ever done or went through. You're very right.... because I have been feeling quite unsatisfied, I must learn more.... I don't know where to go but it's driving me crazy. Yes, it does bring me great joy and you're so right.

7. Crown-Ace of Wands

Here we find the chakra that connects us to the Universe, to spiritual information and knowledge, to understanding and transcendent consciousness. The Ace of Wands signifies a wonderful gift. It is the beginning and spark of creation, invention and discovery. Be open to the gift the Universe and spirit is bestowing on you by being open to new information and revelations, and be ready to act upon them. The gift of the Ace of Wands is not one that is for contemplation alone, it requires us to grab ahold and take action. Watch for your opportunities and doors to open in the spiritual realms and then be ready to move on them!

This is going to drive me crazy I wouldn't say that I sit there watching everything... every little sign and symbol... it will pop out to me when it's meant to. But it will drive me crazy because I'll be watching everything now.

Final Card-7 of Cups

I sense that you are a fairly balanced and harmonious person energetically, although the appearance of so many strong personalities and cards in your chakras indicates a channeling of strong, sometimes overpowering, energy. To bring your chakras and energy into harmony and alignment, you must continue to dream and be inspired and revel in all the choices and opportunities that come your way. Use caution though, that you don’t get caught up in the dreaming itself and neglect to take action. Find inspiration where it appears for you, recognize distractions for what they are. Don’t put off taking action too long for the sake of enjoying the daydream or you may find your dreams fading away.

Yeah, my life is hard. I know I'm not schizophrenic but sometimes I feel like different people. hehe There are many spirits that surround me. I'm trying to do what you stated currently. I don't have time to dabble.

Many blessings! I've enjoyed your reading and with it you carry quite the gift!

10:08 PM

Chakra Tarot Reading Experiment

I work with auras and chakras in my new business and so I wanted to try a little experiment in combining tarot with chakras for a special spread and reading. I decided to try out my initial idea on some friends that I exchange readings with and they graciously agreed to let me post here in my blogs. All of the readings I post will be kept anonymous but I will try to include thier feedback as well, so you readers (and myself) can learn from this experience :)

I am sure there are many spreads out there dealing with chakras or based on the chakra system. I didn't look for any. On purpose. LOL My idea was just to take what was floating in my head and see if I could form it into something that made sense for me and worked.

I pulled a card for each of the chakras with the question “How does this person experience this chakra, or what does this person need to know concerning this chakra?” and then a final card for “What can help this person bring all of their Chakras in balance and alignment to become a whole, harmonious person?”

I am really looking forward to your feedback... this was an interesting reading experience for me and really was very interesting and engaging from this side of the process. Let me know what you all think!

On the Chakras themselves in case you are unfamiliar. I will include some information on each chakra in the readings but wanted to have the info here in an easy to find place if you need to find it as it applies to your reading.

As Anodea Judith said in her book "Wheels of Life" (which is great btw):

"At the inner core of each one of us spin seven wheel-like energy centers called chakras. Swirling intersections of vital life forces, each chakra reflects an aspect of consciousness essential to our lives." Also, "Chakras are organizing centers for the reception, assimilation and transmission of life energies."

The chakras and the aspect of our lives associated with each are (briefly) as follows:

1. Root, at base of spine. Associated with survival, safety, all matters most physical such as finances, career, possessions, etc.

2. Sacral, located in lower abdomen. Associated with emotions and sexuality.

3. Solar Plexus, located at the solar plexus (just a bit higher than the sacral). Associated with our ego, personal power, will and self-esteem. This is also where your immune system, physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychically is seated.

4. Heart, located over the sternum. This is the chakra that is related to issues of love. It affects how we relate to others and our feelings of empathy.

5. Throat, located in the throat (adam's apple vicinity). Is associated with communication of Truth to others and ourselves, as well as creativity.

6. Third Eye, located in the center of forehead. This is the seat of our intuition, imagination and is associated with clairvoyance.

7. Crown, located at the top of the head. This is associated with knowledge, understanding and transcendent consciousness. This is also our connection to the Universe and the opening to receive spiritual or Universal knowledge and information.

Its important to understand that this is a SYSTEM that must work together harmoniously for us to live healthy, complete, fulfilled lives. They cannot function independently of each other, and when there is a problem with one, the others will accomodate to help until that one is healthy again.

OK, there is soooo much more to it than that... but just wanted to give a basic understanding for anyone not familiar... now on with the readings!

9:36 AM

Last nights readings

One of my best friends that I hadn't seen much in awhile came over with a new girlfriend of hers for a few hours to hang out. Carmen had told her new friend about me learning to read tarot and she was very interested in having me read for her. Well, with the practice I've been getting on Aeclectic Forum and just finding a new sense of letting go of insecurities, I agreed. I decided that I would read intuitively and not look anything up or rely on the crutch of a book to tell me what the cards were saying. It went great and it was a lot of fun! I was a little nervous sometimes, but it came much easier to me than it has before and the cards that came out for both of them were VERY interesting to me.

In particular, this girl had more major arcana cards come out than I think I have seen except in a few rare readings for myself. We did just a basic easy 5 card spread, but we were enjoying it so much, we ended up pulling 3 cards to expand on each position. In the Unexpected position, she originally had the Devil. When we expanded on that, The High Priestess, Magician and Hierophant came out in that order... Eeeek! :) I was a little shocked and flabbergasted about how to even interpret such a thing at first. And I know the cards were shuffled well, as I had shuffled them probably 20-25 times during our conversation just to keep my hands busy and put some of my energy into the cards. This is a new deck and I have spent a lot of time just handling them and shuffling them over the past few days.

So, here's what I ended up with as my interpretation: the unexpected is temptation and a need to fairly weigh options and opportunities that come up unexpectedly for you, don't just jump at an opportunity before weighing the outcomes and if you're being "tempted" to go down a path you know is not right for you. With the expanded cards, I felt like that a lot of the temptations or choices that will be coming up will be in the area of religion, spirituality and education in the manner of being faced with honestly looking at traditions and structures as they pertain to spirituality. With the High Priestess and Magician back to back, we talked about the importance of intuition and listening to it, as well as using the tools at your disposal and mastery of those tools (4 suits/4 elements/Body-Mind-Spirit) in conjunction with connection to Spirit and intuition to make good choices when faced with temptation.

She also had a lot of other cards that pointed to weighing options, looking at all sides, making choices, etc... She had the Temperance, Justice, Judgement, Chariot, and several more that fit in this line of reasoning. Interesting how the cards in different areas/positions related and connected though, that was something that was easier for me to pick up on last night. And for her outcome card, The Hanged Man. I really related this to the fact that as she is able to weigh and make decisions and choices in her path, when she is able to truly discern the path for her and overcome the Hierophant, she will find fulfillment and contentment with her path, even though it goes against social norm and cultural expectations, and that regardless of the approval or disapproval, she will be at peace with her decisions.

So, all in all it was a challenging reading, but very exciting and fun for us all. She definitely agreed with what I was presenting and added in some interesting comments of her own about connections she could see. She commented that many of these cards had come out for her recently in some other readings and that they made sense in their places as they were.

Please feel free to comment and let me know how you think I did. This is a learning experience for me and I'm always being challenged and pushed outside of my comfort zone, but thats where the richest experiences lay!

9:19 AM

My New Adventure Business

I have mentioned in my blogs about my new business venture. Well I'm working today on developing a web presence. I just started a Facebook for our business, which by the way is named Bio-Energy Awareness, Inc. I'm also (still!) working on our main website. I love the graphic design part, but HATE the coding and programming lol.

Just briefly our business is all about Energy, Aura and Chakra analysis. We do analysis using biofeedback equipment and can give our clients all kinds of information in colorful, easy to understand formats, up to a 23 page report. In the near future we are developing some special events so that clients can get a before reading, try some different things like Reiki or energy work or guided meditation and then get an after report to see how their energy changed. We are also in the process of developing some in-depth workshops for Aura and Chakra education and mastery.

If you are on Facebook and would like to join us, please do :)

Bio-Energy Awareness's Facebook profile

I will also be opening up another blog to follow the ups and downs and interesting results we find through our work, so check back for that as well!

9:09 AM

One Card Reading - Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands shows Jason and his crew aboard the Argonaut returning after collecting the Golden Fleece. They have faced many hardships, battles, trials and tribulations and just when home is in sight, they must face another deadly obstacle. This card speaks to the time when you have battled your best and you think your strength and stamina is all gone, and yet another unforseen obstacle rears its ugly head. The beauty of this card is the message that when you think you are done for and have nothing left to give, there is a reserve of strength, creativity, stamina and hope to pull you through, whether you find it deep within yourself, or in help from others, spirit or Universe. That last obstacle or battle that you think you have nothing left to overcome, can be overcome if you look deep enough, ask for help and pull those reserves that you didn't think you had at your disposal.

Its interesting to get this card this morning because it has been on my mind a lot lately. I'm doing this as a quick read just before heading off to the metaphysical bookstore to work a booth at their psychic fair today with my new business (we do energy, aura and chakra analysis and images and reports using biofeedback data... I'll blog on that more some other time!). We have had a bumpy start to our business, and although many good things are going to come of this business and there is an immense horizon of opportunity for growth, change and the chance to affect people in a totally phenomenal and powerful way, the financial picture has been a little bleak. Things that we counted on and thought would be our profit ended up being quite the opposite and we have found ourselves in a very precarious position of trying not only to make our personal ends meet, but business as well. It has been scary thinking that the revenue was not coming in and what to do. But, it has forced us to be creative, trust the Universe and look in new directions. What we were doing was the "old" way of doing things and what our mission and purpose is with our business and what we are able to do is ground breaking and pioneering a new landscape in spirituality, energy awareness and self empowerment. So now we are thinking out of the box. I still feel like we're in the channel with the crushing rocks battering our hull, but home is in sight. It is going to take a little time for this to start coming to fruition, but I have faith that it will. It is time for what we are doing! So as I go off today to work, feeling tired from my emotionally draining day yesterday, and trying to quash my worries and negativity, I will focus on finding those reserves that we need and pulling on all the strength and creativity that is there, even if it is hidden behind the rocks...

9:52 AM

New Spread I'm Trying Today

I found this on the Aeclectic Forum, and although the poster wasn't sure who to attribute it to, I thought it sounded like a fantasticly simple spread for everyday use. So I'm giving it a whirl today...

Here's the spread basics:


1. Works (including anything you're working on, like school, projects...more than just going to work)
2. Home/family
3. The Unexpected
4. Your Role
5. Outcome

My Reading:
1. Three of Cups
2. Knight of Cups
3. Six of Wands
4. Seven of Cups
5. Justice

1. Works-Three of Cups: Celebration, Time of Rejoicing. The three signifies and initial completion, yet with more hard work and tribulation ahead before a final fulfillment is achieved. In my new business, we have had a time of reconsidering, regrouping and re-evaluating and it would be great to come into a space of initial achievement, especially where the connection with our business partners and resources is concerned. This card doesn't necessarily speak of finances but of relationships and feelings, so I would tend to move more towards and expectation of initial completion of solidifying business relationships and a feeling of success in our own emotions and attitudes toward our business. This could also apply in the area of my family, as well, since that is a major part of my "works" lol. We have had a rough year and been through much, but it would be great to spend some time celebrating our accomplishments as a family. On a personal note, I am already feeling some initial accomplishment in my spiritual/metaphysical studies, with starting this blog, getting more comfortable with Tarot and moving into a very fulfilling social enviornment on AT.

2. Home/Family - Knight of Cups: The noble Perseus who rode forth into battle not for glory or reward but for love. This card indicates an upsurge in romance in my home/family life. This could come from either myself, or my partner, or both! With the turmoil of the past few months, couple time and romance have been sporadic at best, even though we have managed to stay very connected as a couple. Maybe this card is encouraging me to take the reins and be more romantic and show that gentle affection to my partner. And, maybe in return, his romantic flames will be fanned and he will return the affection!

3. The Unexpected - Six of Wands: public acclaim, promotion, qualification, recognition for work and effort. I feel that our business is going to be quickly moving into a time where people start to recognize the power of the tool we can offer them and we will begin to get recognition and acclaim from areas we didn't even approach or expect it from. I also think this could apply to my court case today, that it is possible I will get some recognition and reward for the trials I have been put through and also for the selfless work that I devote to my kids (in comparison to their dad's involvement).

4. Your Role - Seven of Cups: "There is an exceptional choice to be made with many options open. Careful decisions must be made." I tend to be quite impulsive and impatient at times with my decisions. I know that right now, many important options are on the table and this is a warning to think through and carefully weigh all my options, without just jumping at the first thing that comes along. This card indicates a time of high creative potential which is great! But that creative potential can only be realized through effort and hard work. "Once we can make a true commitment to a dream, goal or aspiration, things hence become much easier." Consider wisely, then take definite action!

5. Outcome - Justice: Of course, immediately my thoughts concerning my court case today jumped at this one! I really would like to see justice done and carried out today and it would seem from this reading and several others lately that that is to be the case. I'll let you know! In another direction, this card reinforces the number 4 card, with discernment and careful, wise weighing of options. It could indicate that as I learn the lesson of the Seven of Cups, I will become more like the Justice card, able to give impartial evaluation of a situation and find the best course of action, based on the facts, not just on feelings or intuition alone.

All in all a very fulfilling and thought provoking reading. Not sure I could do this every day, but maybe something to be explored a couple of times a week? We'll see.... I'll update later on the outcome of the cards...

UPDATE #1-Court did NOT go as expected today. I expected results and closure, whatever the outcome, but instead ended up with a legal tangle (or several actually) that resulted in a continuance and none of the issues being ruled on. Hard not to be discouraged at another delay after so long waiting, but I'm trying to focus on the possible positive aspects of today's events and not let my emotions slip towards the negative whirlpool that wants to drag me down. I still have faith in that Justice card, I just need to be patient for its timing! More to come...